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Regulatory Agencies

In conducting its functions, The National Biosafety Authority works in close collaboration with the following regulatory agencies as specified in the Biosafety Act. These institutions are also regulators as provided by the law that established them:

1. Department of Public Health: It safeguards the health of consumers through food safety and quality control, surveillance, prevention and control of food borne diseases/illness.

2. Department of Veterinary Services (DVS): The department is charged with protection and control of animal diseases and pests to safeguard human health, improved animal welfare, increased livestock productivity through production of high quality livestock and their products.

3. Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS): Responsible for standardization in industry, trade and consumer protection. It also performs regulatory and conformity roles including standards development, quality assurance and testing.

4. Pest Control Products Board (PCPB): The board regulates importation and exportation, manufacture, registration and use of pest control products.

5. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS): The agency offers inspectorate and vigilance services on all matter related to plant health, quality control of agricultural input s and produce. It also implements the national policy on introduction and use of genetically modified organisms.

6. National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA): The Authority implements policies relating to approval, through NBA, and conducts environmental impact assessment of GMOs intended for release into the environment.

7. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS): The Corporation focuses on biodiversity and biotechnology in wildlife and forestry related matters.

8. Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI): The institute is responsible for addressing intellectual property issues arising from modern biotechnology.

All these institutions perform regulatory roles in regard to relevant GMOs.

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