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The Year of National Biosafety Advocacy

The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) was established pursuant to the provisions of the Biosafety Act No. 2 of 2009. The overarching mandate of NBA is to exercise general supervision and control over development, transfer, handling and use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so as to ensure safety of human and animal health and provide adequate protection of the environment.   
The Biosafety Act, 2009 obliges the Authority to promote public awareness and educate the public and those conducting the activities subject to the Act, concerning biosafety matters, by publishing guidance documents and other materials aimed at improving the understanding of biosafety.
Concerns on safety of GMOs is still an important topic worldwide as evidenced by the recent decision by the Cabinet to institute a ban on all GM food until such a time that there is sufficient information, data and knowledge demonstrating that GM foods are not a danger to public health.  
In response to public demands and expectations, the NBA Management has declared that the Year 2013 will be the “Year of National Biosafety Advocacy” in Kenya and the driving theme will be: “Raising public Awareness and participation in Biosafety for National Development and implementation of vision 2030”. This will also be our theme for the Second Annual Biosafety conference in August.
The 2013 Year of Biosafety Advocacy supports NBA’s Strategic Plan that provides a framework for implementation and coordination of Biosafety in Kenya. Advocacy efforts around the 2013 Year will also serve to advance the NBA strategic objective of supporting Institutional capacity in Kenya. Through the Strategic Plan the Authority strives to establish and facilitate a regulatory framework that supports scientific and socio- economic activities of GMOs at various levels in the country.
To support the Strategic plan, NBA has developed a comprehensive communication strategy for engaging the media, the public, key allies, and other stakeholders. This strategy seeks to address pertinent issues in Biosafety communication and bridges the gap between NBA and its clients.   
Purpose of Advocacy Plan
This advocacy plan outlines efforts by the National Biosafety Authority to implement the “2013 – The Year of National Biosafety Advocacy”. It emphasizes the centrality of Biosafety in regulating biotechnology, laboratory systems, and calls for implementation of the Biosafety Act, 2009 and associated regulations in Kenya. Click to Download icon The Year of National Biosafety Advocacy - Biosafety Advocacy Plan

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